Pegasus Productions


Yes, times are tough, but for folks with horses to sell, stallions to promote, products to market or services to perform, you’ve got to spend money to make money!

But how to do that on a recession-imposed budget? According to the experts, marketing is more important now than ever. Making wise advertising decisions within that budget is the key.

Here’s how we can help. As a small business with low overhead, Pegasus Productions can offer design and marketing for much less drain on your wallet. With over twenty five years of experience in computer graphics and a lifetime in the equine industry, you can’t go wrong with us.

Personal service, effective ad campaigns and quality work for less with Pegasus Productions.

Don’t stop advertising - just stop spending too much!

We are partnering with Entice Design to offer you even better service for your money!


Advertise Wisely

“Maintain marketing spending. This is not the time to cut advertising.“

- John A. Quelch, Harvard Business School